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Happy Birthday, Mack!

January 1, 2015 — 3 Comments

Happy New Year, Friends!

2014 was definitely a memorable year, and I am thankful for all that happened…BUT, I’m super excited about 2015 and all that God has in store for us. Even though, I seriously just got used to writing/typing 2014! Happens every year :).

January is a big month for my family, because the 8th is little Mack’s birthday. This year we can finally move from defining his age in months to years (I’ve never really been good at math!). With a full year in the books, I’ve been feeling a tad retrospective (okay…maybe overly retrospective) about last year and all that went down this time twelve months ago…So, I put together a little video documenting and celebrating God’s great miracle.

Even though Lori and I totally didn’t want God’s plan to go down as it did, looking back- it’s obvious that we didn’t have a clue! God is in control and He knows exactly what he is doing, and there is great comfort in knowing that for yourself.

Happy Birthday, Macky!

NiLo Production Co.: Mack Pics &emdash;

NiLo Production Co.: Mack Pics &emdash;

NiLo Production Co.: Mack Pics &emdash;