Introducing Michael!

May 8, 2014 — Leave a comment

Hi, Friends!

I think it is about time for us to officially introduce Michael as a part of our NiLo Family…Even though he has been working with us for the past four years (whoops)! :)

NiLo Production Co.: Nic Pics &emdash;

I have known Michael since he was born…His older brother is one of my very best friends, and I have had the great privilege to be a part of Michael’s life. I have a million funny stories about Michael, but I will spare him from letting them rip here…Ok, you would like to hear one story? Sure, I don’t mind! When Michael was just learning to speak, he would repeat whatever anybody asked him to say. One boring summer day, his brother and I had the bright idea to prank call people using Michael as our voice puppet. I’m embarrassed as to what we had him say to the wonderful citizens of Van Buren, but to this day- I still get a kick out that. He has always taken direction very well!

NiLo Production Co.: Nic Pics &emdash;

Currently, Michael is finishing up graduate school, at UCA, to be a physical therapist, but one of his true passions are writing and producing movies. He has written, directed, and acted in several well made features, and he is currently working on an epic called “Rock of Gibraltar.” I am so proud of the work he has been able to accomplish, but I’m starting to get mad that he has not written a role for me in this latest film (HINT HINT, Michael!).

I am thrilled to have Michael as a part of our team! I completely trust him with his shot selection and ability to capture footage in our same NiLo fashion. Although, his ability to follow through with food orders, including making sure to get me a cookie, needs a little work. Just a little inside joke from our last shoot…I know, a cookie is the last thing I need, but I LOVE them!

Welcome, Michael, to the Family! I’m so thankful for you!

Love you, Bro!




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