April 21, 2014 — Leave a comment

Hi, Friends!

It is always a great honor when a previous NiLo bride recommends us or would like to use our services for another project!

Back in 2012, I had the privilege to capture Jennifer and Matt’s most special day…I absolutely loved their wedding, and I truly admired them as a couple. When Jennifer contacted me late last year, I was thrilled to help her with a new project.

Matt, a stud, competed in his first IRONMAN competition in Louisville, Kentucky. Jennifer emailed asking if I could put together a montage highlighting the big event. As one who gets winded walking up a flight of stairs, I can’t imagine how difficult competing in a swim-run-bike event must have been!

I’m proud of Matt and his accomplishment in competing in such a hardcore event, but more so (selfishly, I know) I’m honored to have had the opportunity to create a montage for Jennifer and Matt to have in remembrance of his efforts.

Congratulations, Matt!

Matt McCoy: IRONMAN Montage from NiLo Production Co. on Vimeo.




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