Marissa and Tyler

February 4, 2012 — 3 Comments

Hello Friends!!

I’m officially declaring this “Marissa and Tyler Weekend” on the blog! I am smitten with Marissa’s beautiful wedding and the footage we were able to capture during her and Tyler’s big day at Marlsgate Plantation. Jessica Kersey, with Finishing Touch Event Design, and her team did an absolute fabulous job putting together all the details!

I loved this wedding, and I’m thrilled to show off what we captured!!!

Check back tomorrow for a look at Marissa and Tyler’s amazing reception!!


3 responses to Marissa and Tyler


    Once again you seem to have captured some of the most special moments of a big day. Your videos bring tears to my eyes for the bride and groom and they joy your video choices exude. On pins and needles (and buying stock in Kleenex) to see Jennifer and Nates day in this same manner. You truly have a talent Nic.


    LOVE it! My post goes live in 3 minutes :)

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