Jaclyn + Brad’s Reception

October 12, 2010 — 2 Comments

Let’s blog!

I just recieved a very sweet email from one of our MOBs (Mother of the Bride), and I have to share it with you. Below is what she typed me…

Good morning Nic,

We watched the video last night and I’m still emotional! It was so amazing! Thank you so much for all the extra work that I could tell you did! I’ve watch it several times and each time I see something different that’s unique. Jaclyn & Brad loved it even more! What a precious keepsake you have given us! A million that’s to the both of you!!


Awe, that made my day! I absolutely love happy MOBs!

Jaclyn and Brad’s wedding day was unbelievable, and below are a couple of clips of the reception from their wedding video.




2 responses to Jaclyn + Brad’s Reception


    Those are fabulous videos! Makes me even MORE excited to get mine eventually :) You are very good at what you do!


    Nic!!!!! Those are great! I’m in loooooooove with that first video. (makes me sad you can’t video my wedding – sniff sniff)
    You’re the BEST!

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