The “Cat Jesus” Saves Again!

September 30, 2010 — 7 Comments

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For as long as I have known my wife (forever!) she has always had the biggest heart for stray cats. Lori, “the Cat Jesus,” keeps at least two cans of wet cat food stored in the console of her car for the occasion of a possible rescuing. I don’t know how you feel about cats (I personally enjoy them), but my wife will go to the ends of the earth to save one poor-little scraggly cat.

Since we have been married, four years this November, she has saved over ten lost and dirty kitty-cats. Each all recieveing a name  that she thinks matches his or her own individual personality. Throughout our marriage, we’ve had some ups and downs saving these little critters…We’ve spent a lot of time and money following our hearts and taking good care of our little newly found furry friends. Some we’ve kept and some we’ve found homes, but there were a few that we had to put on the  Jesus train.

Right now, living in our spare bedroom (what we call “the cat room”) is our newest rescue job. This one almost didn’t make it…Lori found him at her school when some students carried him to her. He was eaten up with flees, skinny as a bone, and in real bad shape, but in good hands because the “Cat Jesus” was to the rescue. After a visit from our favorite veterinarian, Dr. Butler, and a few good antibiotic shots, our sick little friend was on the mend. After a few days our new buddy was starting to show us what he is made of…

Now, our little guy is as fiesty as ever, and he will attack anything that moves. For some reason, he doesn’t like for his litter box to be scooped. Every time I try, he jumps in it and swipes at the scooper. To be honest, this little kitty is a wild man, and I absolutley love it! Soon, he will be off to his new home, thanks to a sweet teacher at Lori’s school, Mrs. Stacey Little.

Below are a few pictures of our newest friend.


This picture is of our little friend the day Lori found him.

Here he is now…Healthy as ever!

Lori and I would like to give a special “Thank You” to Dr. Butler and his staff at the Rye Hill Veterinarian Clinic for all the wonderful help and advice they have given us.  Your care and patience has meant so much to us and our furry little friends :).



7 responses to The “Cat Jesus” Saves Again!


    He looks like Martin. Sooooo adorable.


    Y’all are the sweetest – and ScatCat is looking pretty dang adorable!


    Love that kitty face. Looks like my tabby that I found under a car when I was 4 years old….who lived until I was 21! Thank you “Cat Jesus” for loving the unlovely (:


    I love that you had a photo shoot with the kitty. His post-Cat Jesus pictures are much lovelier than pre-Cat Jesus. Let this be a lesson to all…life with Jesus is better! :) Meow, Lori.


    he is SO, SO cute. i can’t stand it. :)


    Nic and Lorie i am so glad to hear about people like you two!!!!There is a special place in heaven for people like you….and Nic i love men that love cats!!!!!


    AWWWWWW! He looks so much better!
    Yay for adoptees! Another lesson: don’t reach for a you know what without expecting a good swipe

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