Melanie + Matt

September 10, 2010 — Leave a comment

Let’s blog!

I am very excited to share with you a clip from Melanie and Matt’s video we recently produced, but first I’d like to take a quick moment to explain what a pure joy we had capturing their wedding weekend…

We started filming Friday night for their rehearsal dinner at Noodles in Fayetteville, which was a fantastic start to a great wedding weekend. The setting of Melanie and Matt’s ceremony and reception was at the beautiful Botanical Gardens also in Fayetteville. That day was the first time for us to shoot there, and the natural surroundings became very inspiring and made it easy to capture some fantastic footage. Melanie’s smile was extremely contagious all day, and Matt’s obvious love for that smile was neat to witness. Their ceremony was genuinely heart-felt and Christ led. It was a great reminder of why we love to film weddings.

With all that being said, what I’m trying to say is that  we absolutely loved filming Melanie and Matt’s wedding day, and I’m thrilled to show you a little bit of what we captured!




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