A Promo for Jules!

February 19, 2010 — Leave a comment

Let’s blog!

I am thrilled about my newest video “Jule’s Promo,” but before you watch it- I’d like to take a sec and talk to you about one of the most talented and fun-loving florist I know…Julie Mendenhall!

Julie and I go way back…My sister and Julie were childhood friends, and her dad was my school bus driver (Bus 15!). Julie’s little sister and my wife grew up together and graduated the same year. I am so proud to say that I have known Julie and her family since I was in the single digits.

Over the past several years, Lori and I  have thoroughly enjoyed working along side  Julie and her fabulous boutique Jules Design! One of my most favorite times filming a wedding is when I am capturing the pre-wedding portion and Julie, along with her team, are setting up. I always get a comfortable feeling as if I’m working with family. I love it!

So, below is a little video I put together featuring Julie’s work, Maggie and Austin, along with Jaclyn and Brad.

It is just a little thanks for all the help you have given us. Thank you Julie!!!


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