New Year, New Demo!

January 27, 2010 — 5 Comments

Let’s blog!

For several weeks now I have been working feverishly on producing a new demo for the up-coming season…and without any further ado, I am excited to post our newest video highlight below!!!



This video doesn’t exist

5 responses to New Year, New Demo!


    Hello awesomeness! This makes me SOOO excited to see the full videos of my girls from 2009 and even more excited for the 2010 brides who get to work with you!!! Great work Nic & Lori!


    You guys are truly gifted!


    Aww yay! That was so amazing!! I can’t wait to see our video!! Thank you so much for everything y’all do! You all are truly gifted!!!


    My eyes just exploded right in their sockets! Nic and Lori are the bomb! {see what I did there? bomb + exploded} :-)
    You two honestly are the best around – and you’re so dang sweet! I can’t wait for you to video my wedding!!


    this looks amazing!!!! i cried, of course! great job!

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