Planting the Love Tree

November 9, 2009 — 1 Comment

Let’s blog!

So for our anniversary Lori bought me an apple tree…Not just any apple tree, but a Macintosh apple tree. Why is this important? Macintosh apples are the very apples in which Lor uses to make her famous most-delicous apple pie! “It is the best Jerry!” So, now we can grow and pick our own apples then eat them in a spectacularly sweet and fattening famous Lori apple pie. I absolutely love her apple pies!

I thought the tree was a clever and very thoughtful gift. The symbolism of the tree is significant…It will continue to grow with a little water and sunlight. Our marriage will grow with a little water and sunlight too, just kidding…Our marriage will grow with a some work and Jesus!

Below are some glorious pics of me planting the Tree of Love. By the way, digging a hole is harder than I thought :)


Planting the Love Tree


One response to Planting the Love Tree


    I can just see Lori baking the pie!!! Reminds me of the song “Honey” see the tree how big it grown but friend it hasn’t been too long it wasn’t big, I laughed at her and she got mad the first day that she planted it was just a twig… ( can’t remember the rest!

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